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Bustop is a Kuwait based creative agency with an established regional presence. Working within a range of disciplines and drawing influences from various arts and mediums all within a synergetic environment.


We believe in a melange of insight, concept, story, and strategy all expressed seamlessly whether it be via TVCs, branding, design, or marketing campaigns.


At Bustop we create substance.

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A core motivating factor in our creative process is working with new challenges.


Taking more unconventional approaches to design, we tackle projects by involving every member of our creative team to provide input under the direction of our head designers; ensuring a more holistic approach that provides results that are technically proficient and artful, but also accessible to a wider audience. 

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We are visual creatures, responding to static and kinetic images with equal enthusiasm. Our creative team lives on a diet of cinema, music, TV, advertising, and various publications to inspire our conceptualization in new ways.


In our world, the concept is king, but collaboration is the key. We study each project carefully and handpick the right collaborators, be they local innovators or international experts to best deliver the concepts we love.


The point is to never compromise on our quality or vision, and create an environment where each professional and creative is given the freedom to exact their full potential.


Get in touch with us if you'd like to work with us or if you'd like to join our team!

Al Nafisi Tower, 12th Floor

Abdullah Al Mubarak St.

Kuwait City

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